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Child Safety, Home Safety, and Responsible Storage of Firearms / Ammo

As mentioned in the foreword, the Right to bear arms is guaranteed in our US Constitution under the second amendment. We believe, an important part of these bill of rights granted by our forefathers is the responsibility to use them as they were intended without providing undue danger to citizens. We believe it goes without saying, that an important part of the original intended use of the Second Amendment was the "right to bear arms" in a safe way. When firearms are used and stored in a responsible way, they remain safe. "Guns by themselves are neither safe or unsafe".

We All Share the Responsibility of Safety

The proper handling of guns and ammo is so important that the firearms "safety principals" should be shared by every gun owner, parent, and frankly all responsible citizens when they know that guns are available.

Firearms Demand Respect

Basic gun safety training for children, family, and friends make it safer for all of us, especially when we know guns may be present. When people have a knowledge of gun safety rules, obey them, and hold a high respect for guns, accidents can be prevented.

Safety Principles for Children

To their credit, national associations have trained hundreds of thousands of children, to do 4 things when they see a gun. Educators have been instrumental in introducing these principles when children find a gun.

  1. Stop
  2. Don't Touch
  3. Leave the Area
  4. Tell An Adult

Teach children to abide by these basic safety rules if they find a gun. (Gun Safety Pamphlets are available thru the MRA) and our certified instructors.

Home Safety and Storage for Guns and Ammo

Gun safety training programs are especially important to all of us that hunt, collect, compete, or own guns for security or personal protection purposes. Basic safety training in the home with all family members is always good and important , but safe storing of firearms ( in locked containers) and ammo ( stored and locked separately ) can keep the home safe from gun accidents. We may not be able to educate each and every person that comes into your home, about gun safety, but we certainly can keep our guns under lock and key, and secure.

Be Safe, Lock It Up

If a loaded gun is kept on hand, in the home, for personal protection, proper locks should be in place to prevent accidental discharge. It is imperative that we do our best to educate anyone and everyone who may ever come in contact with a firearm, including children, family, or friends. Gun Safe

Never Leave A Loaded Firearm Unattended

Unattended guns should always be locked in a secure safe or cabinet where unauthorized persons cannot access.

Never Drink While Handling Firearms

Impairment of any kind does not mix with any deadly weapon including automobiles, motorcycles, heavy machinery, and especially firearms. Be Sure Your Firearm is Clean and in Good Operating Order.

Verify Your AMMO, Be Sure it's the proper Ammo and in Good Condition

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