Choosing Your Handgun

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Know Your Equipment

Probably the most basic of all Safety Rules is know your equipment.

It is important to know how your gun works, how to disassemble, how to clean, how to unload, load, and properly fire it, all in a safe manner. The more familiar you are with your equipment, probably the safer you will be.

It is also important to know which handgun best suits your needs.

Issues like ease of operation, size, weight, caliber, how/where you will carry (holster / fanny pack / purse), and ease of concealment. Typically, these are personal preferences issues and can only be decided after careful inspection and consideration.

Concealed Gun Size

When Concealing a Gun, Size Matters

Typically larger caliber hand guns like 45 or 44 cal will give best result as far as "stopping the threat", however, these guns are large, heavy and not easy to conceal for most folks. They are also cumbersome and a nuisance to carry daily for many. Many times different locales and climates around the country make a difference when choosing a carry gun. Bulky winter clothes make concealment easy compared to a wardrobe of shorts and tee shirt in more tropical climates.

Concealed Gun Convenience

Convenience is Key to Regular Carry

Compromise is usually the rule of the day, and folks opt for something convenient to carry with their normal daily wardrobe and carry items such as a purse or briefcase. For many, a smaller concealed carry firearm is much more convenient because of the daily ease of use, so it's usually a bit of a trade off.

Concealed Carry Handgun

Daily Carry is a Commitment

If you like a bulky 1911, 45 Semi Automatic, but you sometimes leave it at home or in your vehicle because it is heavy or hard to conceal, you have missed the point of self protection. Self protection is a way of thinking, a way of behaving, a more observant awareness, and a state of preparedness, that you must do daily. It is impossible to predict when and where the threat will come from. Your awareness peaked daily, is a way of life. Be observant, thoughtful, plan you strategy and always avoid putting yourself in a bad position. Most importantly, always be prepared for the threat and the possibility that you will need to "stop the threat" with your firearm.

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